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Posted in Game News by lordsaanjun on September 25, 2006



Those are the Windows Media and Quicktime links to a trailer for what may be the answer to the question, “Will I buy a PS3?”  5Levels’ White Knight may well settle that question once and for all.  This game appears, at first glance, to fulfill a number of long-desired personal fantasies of mine — and probably a few of yours.



Posted in Game News by lordsaanjun on September 18, 2006

Nintendo has announced the release date of their next-gen console, and in a daring move, they’re sliding the Wii in just days after the PS3. The Wii will release in the US November 19, witha  $249.99 USD price tag and a bundled game, Wii Sports. The attempt to return bundled games to currency is not lost on me — I fondly remember the days when you could actually expect that with video game systems, when being able to open the box and pull out not only hardware, but the ever-necessary software was canonical. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which is the latest, and certainly quite intriguing, entry in the sword-and-sorcery franchise, will also see US release on the 19th, with an expected price point of $49.99, which most of us have come to expect for a new game.

Of course, more seasoned pundits than I have already sounded off on this issue repeatedly.  One particular piece of interesting journalism essentially damned Nintendo for the brazen audacity of selling the Wii console at a profit.  I fail to see how this is a bad thing, and, moreover, have to voice the obvious question: If Nintendo can sell the Wii at a profit with a price point of $249.99, what is stopping Microsoft and Sony from being able to accomplish the same feat?  The price of a fully-fitted PS3 will be more than double the Wii’s almost paltry price tag, and yet Sony’s not making a proft from its new machine? This doesn’t strike me as “having faith in your product,” as this article would espouse, but rather being incapable of making a good business decision to save your life. Why wouldn’t you be able to make a profit off a $600.00 USD price point? But no, better to make your money off software than to risk “lacking faith” and making an actual profit off the expensive and costly-to-produce hardware.

People like this are why capitalism is doomed.

So anyhow, this gives Nintendo fanbois everywhere something to hyperventilate about, and it also gives a concrete timetable to the release of, in my opinion, the strongest of the three “next-gen” platforms. Good to know.

On the subject of the blog itself, I haven’t heard much from Matt #2 as late, so until I hear otherwise I’m holdin’ out and waiting for October. I’ll try to keep you all updated with the occasional newspost when I have time.

Your safeguard against the hype,

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Sorry About This…

Posted in Other by gamefreaks on September 5, 2006

Just thought we should pen up a post on why we’ve been kind of inactive.

See, Biedermann’s in Austria now, studying abroad there for this academic semester. That in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem… but British Airways lost his luggage. While his laptop was in his carry-on, his ethernet cable wasn’t. So Matt #2 doesn’t have a fast or effective way to communicate with Matt #1, or post up here, or anything. Hopefully, BA will get him his luggage back ASAP and we can get on with the show. In the meantime, bear with our mess, and please excuse the temporary (we assure you) lack of activity.

Thanks from both of us here at Game Freaks!