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MTV’S Best and Worst Video Games

Posted in Other by notasfatasmike on November 18, 2006

(Props to the folks over at the Nuklear Power Forums, which is where I originally saw this.)

Apparently, MTV recently held some sort of poll to determine the 10 best and worst games of all times. The voting was done at Game Trailers. I’m sorry the information I have is so sketchy, but MTV’s website is damn near impossible to navigate. I found a link that supposedly went to the link, but it actually didn’t. So, no link to MTV’s website. Take that, giant media conglomerate!

Anyway, onto the list. I have lots of disagreements with this list. Let’s begin, shall we?



Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review

Posted in Blogroll,Game Reviews by gamefreaks on November 16, 2006

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Greetings. This week’s Game Freaks will be a foray into the 32-bit realm, and also into the realm of Ivalice. In recognition of the surpassing excellence of Final Fantasy XII, recently released for the PS2, the Matts have opted to review Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a not-so-old-school game still well deserving of the title “classic.” Released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance stands on the shoulders of its predecessor, Playstation title Final Fantasy Tactics. A large part of the enjoyment of this game is dependent, then, on the player’s enjoyment of Tactics, as well as on a general appreciation for turn-based strategy games. This will all probably bear out in the review.


Tetris Attack Review

Posted in Blogroll,Game Reviews by gamefreaks on November 8, 2006

Tetris Attack Main Screen

Greetings, Faithful Readers, and welcome once again to Game Freaks. This week we’re delving into the realm of puzzle gaming with a gem for the SNES: Tetris Attack. We think that you’ll find this game a real treat, but, as LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow (shit, anyone else remember that show?) “Don’t take my word for it.”


Final Fantasy XII Journal: First Impressions

Posted in Blogroll,Game News,Game Reviews by lordsaanjun on November 6, 2006

A Final Fantasy XII Moogle

OK, I’ve played about twelve and a half hours of Final Fantasy XII at this point, and I have to say, I’m impressed. There was a lot of criticism leading up to this game, as, I suppose, there always is before the newest release in a major franchise series, but Final Fantasy XII is a real tour de force of the series, and not to be missed. I’ll comment on the game in some general areas to try to give you the sense that I’ve gotten of it so far. (more…)

Gunstar Heroes Review

Posted in Blogroll,Game Reviews by gamefreaks on November 1, 2006

Gunstar Heroes

This week the Matts take on a Sega classic by the name of Gunstar Heroes.  The game is usually classified as a “run-and-gun” game, and on this promise it delivers in spades: this game certainly has plenty of running AND gunning.  Sometimes you get to do them both at once! What more could one ask for? On to the review!


I Own Final Fantasy XII

Posted in Game News,Other by lordsaanjun on November 1, 2006

Final Fantasy XII Boxart

Yeah, that’s right, as of about 1:30pm yesterday, I own Final Fantasy XII. Now I just need to have it sent to me so I can play it…

See, I put my copy of the game on preorder this summer, at the Game Crazy location in my hometown. Which is 90 miles from Eau Claire, so that tends to throw a monkey wrench in the works of me walking in and picking up the game on release day. But, never fear, Matt #1 had a cunning plan.

OK, so it wasn’t that cunning. I just called the store from here, paid off the rest of the preorder (and bought the strategy guide, woo shopping on the phone), and had my mother’s name put on it so that she could pick it up after work. A quick phone call, and voila!, the game is mine. Or… will be, when my mom ships it to me. See? It wasn’t that cunning.

Well, I’ll post more information/reviews/previews once I actually give the disc a spin. Why do I have the feeling that productivity in most other areas of my life is soon to drop to zero? Hmm… good thing the weekend’s coming.

Yours in Ivalice,

Matt #1