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Classic Content: Bible Adventures History and Review

Posted in Blogroll,Classic Content,Game Reviews by gamefreaks on October 25, 2006


Hello, and welcome to another edition of Game Freaks. This week we’re going to start a process that will be ongoing on the blog with the release of one of our “Classic Content” articles from the Flip Side. These are Game Freaks reviews that were written for our college publication, but have no home on the internet and are only accessible through the print archives of the paper (which means, not to anyone outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin). The review this week takes the form of an informative article, which was the way that we injected more extensive commentary on gaming in general and classic gaming in particular into the twice-monthly format of the paper. Now that we have the blog itself, we probably won’t do something like this as our weekly content, but rather post a more informative blogpost separate from the review for the week. At any rate, in this Game Freaks, the Matts take the time to tell the story of a crappy little game company called Wisdom Tree and their crappy little “Christian” video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as exemplified by the review of Bible Adventures.