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Posted in Other by lordsaanjun on December 2, 2006

And, now that the new review is finally up, I’d like to apologize for being pretty much the reason there was close to a two-week break in the content. Post-Thanksgiving food comas and homework have kept me out of commission, and for that I apologize. It won’t happen again, at least, not until the next time.


MTV’S Best and Worst Video Games

Posted in Other by notasfatasmike on November 18, 2006

(Props to the folks over at the Nuklear Power Forums, which is where I originally saw this.)

Apparently, MTV recently held some sort of poll to determine the 10 best and worst games of all times. The voting was done at Game Trailers. I’m sorry the information I have is so sketchy, but MTV’s website is damn near impossible to navigate. I found a link that supposedly went to the link, but it actually didn’t. So, no link to MTV’s website. Take that, giant media conglomerate!

Anyway, onto the list. I have lots of disagreements with this list. Let’s begin, shall we?


I Own Final Fantasy XII

Posted in Game News,Other by lordsaanjun on November 1, 2006

Final Fantasy XII Boxart

Yeah, that’s right, as of about 1:30pm yesterday, I own Final Fantasy XII. Now I just need to have it sent to me so I can play it…

See, I put my copy of the game on preorder this summer, at the Game Crazy location in my hometown. Which is 90 miles from Eau Claire, so that tends to throw a monkey wrench in the works of me walking in and picking up the game on release day. But, never fear, Matt #1 had a cunning plan.

OK, so it wasn’t that cunning. I just called the store from here, paid off the rest of the preorder (and bought the strategy guide, woo shopping on the phone), and had my mother’s name put on it so that she could pick it up after work. A quick phone call, and voila!, the game is mine. Or… will be, when my mom ships it to me. See? It wasn’t that cunning.

Well, I’ll post more information/reviews/previews once I actually give the disc a spin. Why do I have the feeling that productivity in most other areas of my life is soon to drop to zero? Hmm… good thing the weekend’s coming.

Yours in Ivalice,

Matt #1

Hey, Go Check This Out

Posted in Blogroll,Other by lordsaanjun on October 11, 2006

I have been reminded, suddenly, that we have a forum. Go check this link at out to see our boards. Also, please muck around on TRHOnline in general. It’s a fun site run by a friend of ours, who’s kind enough to toss us some board space. He’s giving us the forum, you give him some hits. Fair’s fair.

New review will be up later today, unless we both get too damn lazy to actually write. Watch for it — we’re reviewing a very old, obscure game by a very well-known giant of the gaming industry. This’ll blow your mind.

Later, Faithful Readers,

Matt #1

Sorry About This…

Posted in Other by gamefreaks on September 5, 2006

Just thought we should pen up a post on why we’ve been kind of inactive.

See, Biedermann’s in Austria now, studying abroad there for this academic semester. That in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem… but British Airways lost his luggage. While his laptop was in his carry-on, his ethernet cable wasn’t. So Matt #2 doesn’t have a fast or effective way to communicate with Matt #1, or post up here, or anything. Hopefully, BA will get him his luggage back ASAP and we can get on with the show. In the meantime, bear with our mess, and please excuse the temporary (we assure you) lack of activity.

Thanks from both of us here at Game Freaks!


Posted in Other by notasfatasmike on August 29, 2006

Leave it to Matthew to get up an information filled post up before I even do my intro…

Anyway, I’m Matt Biedermann, sometimes referred to as Matt #2. I am a German and Mathematics double major at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. What does one do with such a degree? I have no clue, really, which is why I am planning on going to graduate school for German when I finish up college.

My favorite genre of video game is the RPG, hands down. My personal favorite is Earthbound, and other favorites include Chrono Trigger and most of the Final Fantasy series. I also tend to like strategy-oriented games (Final Fantasy Tactics and the like), Bemani games, and old school-styled platformers (time and 3d graphics have not served the genre well). If I had to pick a genre of game to never play again, I would probably pick FPS games. Maybe it’s simply because I’m not very good at them, but I find Halo and its ilk to be really boring, truth be told.

Other interests include punk rock, bass guitar, Magic: The Gathering, and tabletop gaming. Oh, and I have a girlfriend, so I’m not on the market. Sorry ladies.

I can’t think of much else about me, so I leave it at that. I hope you enjoy our blog; please leave comments and tell your friends about it.

Mr. White, Reporting For Duty

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I’m Matthew White, also known as Matt #1. I figured I’d let you all know a little something about me since I’m going to be torturing you… I mean writing video game reviews for you… every week.

I’m a Creative Writing major with a Library Science minor at UWEC currently, and I plan to expand my studies in Library Science to graduate work at the UW – Milwaukee in January. Future aspirations as far as education and career go include becoming heavily involved with young adult librarianship, or possibly moving on to some kind of position within a major academic library.

It’s worth mentioning that I am engaged to be married on the 30th of June, 2007. That’s worth mentioning because it is as much or more a significant part of my life as my college career. You’ll probably see me mentioning that occasionally… although not as much as I do in my personal blog, which I’ll leave you to track down if you’re feeling Holmes-like.

As far as video games go, and I know this is the matter of chief import for most of you rabid, ravenous readers, I play Final Fantasy games until they come out my ears. I also enjoy almost any game from the classic Nintendo franchises (Kirby, Mario, etc.), as well as the Castlevania games, Katamari Damacy and its manically addictive sequel, and most any RPG or turn-based strategy game you can throw at me. If I had to pick a least-favorite genre of games, it’s a close tie between sports games (Madden Football 2099) or mission-based games (sorry, Grand Theft Auto, I hate you). Don’t get me wrong, both of those genres have their merits… but they also both make me want to rip out my front teeth with a pliers.

Other miscellany can be left for later, I think. This is probably enough for now. Enjoy the site, enjoy our first review which will hopefully come out on schedule this Wednesday, and, uh, don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

A Brief Introduction

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Welcome to Game Freaks, a weblog reviewing classic-era videogames, predominantly from the 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit eras. Game Freaks is run by Matthew White and Matt Biedermann, collectively known as “The Matts”. The idea for this weblog was started in a small independent newsmagazine on the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire campus. That newsmagazine was called The Flip Side, and Game Freaks was published in every issue of the newsmagazine as a regular column. We (the Matts) have decided to venture boldly onto the intarwubs, where we sincerely hope that our referential humor and occasionally irreverent video game reviews will reach a wider, stranger audience. A new review will go up every week on Wednesdays, with other posts being added as The Matts feel compelled. We want Game Freaks to be a source for game news as well as the classic game reviews that are our trademark, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated on the latest in gaming while still giving you the old skool games you love.

As for a bit of the “how” of Game Freaks, The Matts do paired reviews of games, with each game being reviewed by each Matt in four separate categories: Play Control, Difficulty, Graphics, and Replay Value. These categories are each ranked from 1 (abysmal donkey piss) to 10 (the absolute best ever). At the end of each individual review, the categories are totalled and averaged, resulting in an Overall Score of 1-10 for the game.

We’re glad you could join us for the ride… it’s going to be wild, strange, and vaguely reminiscent of that haunted theme park in that old episode of Scooby Doo. Yow.